An Autobiography of Artist and Photographer Kimberly B. Logan

My name is Kimberly Logan.  If I were to describe what I do artistically, I would say that I am a recycled artist.  The reason being is that in 1987 I attended Rutledge College in Winston-Salem, NC for Commercial Arts; while in the program I was exposed to commercial and fine art.  As it turned out I was more interested in fine arts.  However, due to life taking me in the direction that it thought I needed to go, I stopped drawing until 2011.  What I discovered was that art is like an old friend that you can come back to anytime, even after twenty-four years.  I like to go back and see the growth in my works and where my head was at the time of a particular creation.

My interest in art and photography go way back to my childhood. I began drawing when I was nine years old.  My first creation was an oil pastel of an ocean scene.  I was living in Fort Lauderdale and I found that art allowed me to escape at a very young age.  I bought my first camera out of a bubble gum machine for fifty cents in 1972 and I haven’t stopped taking pictures since!  I loved taking pictures of clouds. I still like photographing clouds but I have added portraits, landscapes, seascapes, and old structures into the mix. 


As far as the mixed media works go, I like to sketch, do photography, get into the realm of weird with some of my abstracts, and write. My work seems to be more emotive than esthetic.  I often process emotionally as I am painting or sketching; oftentimes my emotions are reflected in my work by symbolism.  There is a lot of tongue in cheek humor that I see in life and wish to convey in my works.

Being a licensed massage therapist has influenced some of my art.  I try to capture the human energy field in my mind’s eye.  I mainly work by instinct. I capture things that I find interesting in life. My focus is to make people "feel" something, whether it be shock, sadness, longing, heavenly, or happiness. Most of my photography consists of things that are close to my heart.

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Title: Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)